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Friday, July 31, 2015

Guru Poornima/ Vyaassa poojaa 2015

Dear All:

Guru Poornima is an auspicious day when we offer our respects to the Guru Paramparaa - the unbroken line of Gurus beginning from Lord Sadashivaa Himself to our individual Gurus. [Vaishnavas might remember the Guru Parampara beginning from Shriman Naarayanan Himself, followed by Devarishi Narada, and down the lineage to their own Gurus].,

It is to be observed on July 31, 2015 in countries of Europe, Africa, all Asian countries including India, Middle-East (Gulf Countries), Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Those living in U.S., Canada, and other countries of American continent must observe Guru Poornima vrat on July 30, 2015  itself. (Pournami pooja - which is to be done at night - the monthly pooja in Honour of Devi, and the Girivalam around Sacred Hills like Tiruvannamalai on Full Moon nights must be done on July 30, 2015 evening/ night by those living in India also; but Vyaasa pooja or Guru pooja must be done on July 31, 2015 morning by those living in India).

Sanyaasis of aamnaaya mutts offer Vyaasa pooja on this occasion.  Remembering our mentors whoever guided our lives in ever-so-small ways, or did poojas on our behalf for our welfare with gratitude is the recommended activity today. Small offerings out of gratitude may be offered to family preceptors or people who have offered guidance to you in some way in the previous year if you can afford such offerings.

We are planning to do special austerities in this connection, and will pray for Universal Welfare.

Those who are initiated into Moola mantras of Shri Veda Vyaasa, Gorakhnaath, Sage Agasthya, Shri Medha Dakshinamoorthi, Shri Hayagreeva, Dattatreya, Hanumaan, Skanda, etc. can meditate on those Gurus with those mantra recitals.  Others may simply remember whomever they consider as their Gurus with devotion and gratitude today.

May Guru's Grace show us the light with which we can trace our way forward in our lives.

Best regards to everyone,

Blessed be.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sayani ekaadasi - 2015

This is about Sarva Sayana Ekaadasi (also known as Padma Ekaadasi, Hari Sayani ekaadasi, Aashaadi ekaadasi) which is to be observed on  July 27, 2015. This is to be observed on July 27th throughout the world except in Fiji where this is to be observed on July 28, 2015.

Sarva Sayana Ekaadasi falls on the bright fortnight of the month Aashaada. It is also known as Vishnu sayani ekaadasiIt is believed that after this Ekaadasi, Lord Vishnu goes to sleep along with the demi-gods (Yoga Nidra - not merely the senseless sleep of us mortals; the Lord's sleep is Yoga Nidra - a yogic trance where His Will is still active!) till He wakes up on Prabhodini Ekaadasi after 4 months.

Observance of this ekaadasi should be mainly for getting the Grace of Lord Vishnu. We should not fast on this day with any material gains in mind . Material gains like abundance and happiness of mind will follow automatically; but we are not supposed to make a sankalpa to this effect according to established traditions. We have seen that the other ekaadasis can also be observed with material gains like birth of child, or gain of fame or other material ends as sankalpa - but not this sayana ekaadasi. This ekaadasi automatically removes residual sins committed unknowingly.

To illustrate this effect, there is the legend of a great famine during the rein of the Great Surya Vamsha king Maandaata who was known for his righteousness. There was a minor sin in the kingdom due to transgression of a natural law of dharma which had resulted in famine in the kingdom. On the advice of Sage Aangirasa, the King instructed all his subjects (Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyaas, and Sudras - i.e. all castes) to observe this ekaadasi fast on Sayana Ekaadasi for obtaining the Grace of Lord Vishnu. Due to the observance, the kingdom was relieved from the grips of pestilence.

Those who cannot afford to observe a full fast may fast by just avoiding rice and grains, and by consuming uncooked fruits/ vegetables or by drinking fruit juices or milk. But, please observe this important fast in some form and meditate on Lord Hari on this day with the pure intent of becoming recipients of His Grace.

Blessed be.

Astrological and Remedial consultant

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Parama Ekaadasi - July 11/ July 12, 2015

Dear Members:

The ekaadasi that falls on the krishna paksha of the athika maasa is called Parama Ekaadasi.  It is to be observed on July 11, 2015 by those living in the U.S., Canada, and other countries of the American continents, and those in Europe and African continents. 

It is to be observed on July 12, 2015 by those living in Gulf countries, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zeland, etc. (all countries to the East of India must observe this on July 12th)

Observing this fast is believed to enable one to overcome the karmic effects that might cause poverty, and such a person becomes rich (even if their charts show Daridrya dosha), and after their time on this plane is over, they will pass over to Shri Vishnu's Abode at Vaikuntha.


Once in a city called Kampilya there lived a Brahmin called Sumedha with his chaste wife.  Though they were poor, the couple did their best to entertain guests at their house (serving Athithis!).  They would feed the guest first and if required they would starve later - after the guests had partaken food (i.e. if the food was enough only for the guests, they would forego their share of the food and entertain the guests!). Once Sumedha told his wife that they must possibly go to another city in search of better means of living as the poverty here was unbearable.

But his wife told him that getting riches in this birth depends on the karma of previous birth, and possibly they must have done some sin in the past to endure this poverty; So, it might be best to remain in the same city and do as many good deeds as possible within their means.  Sumedha agreed and they stayed on, doing their best as before.

Once Sage Koundinya visited the city and arrived as athithi (unannounced guest) to Sumedhas' house.  He and his wife treated the sage well and the sage was pleased with the hospitality; He instructed the couple to wish for a boon from him.  Both husband and wife prayed to him to show the way to become wealthy so that they can do better service.

Sage Koundinya was pleased and he instructed them about observing Parama Ekaadashi vrata which has the potency to remove poverty from the lives of the persons who observe it, and also remove the taints of sins of previous lives completely.

The couple - Sumedha and his wife observed the vrat, and became wealthy; they continued their good service and enjoyed life, and at the end of their lives attained Vaikuntha.


Among the beneficiaries who have attained grandeur by the power of this vrata is Kubera - the Yaksha King who became so rich that He could lend money even to Lord Venkateshwara!

May our members observe this wonderful fast and remove taints of poverty from their lives and also get relief from past life sins completely.

Blessed be.

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