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Friday, August 1, 2014

Naaga Panchami, August 1, 2014

Dear Members:

Naaga Panchami is observed on August 1, 2014 this year.

It is considered to be an auspicious day to offer respects to snake deities and invoke their Blessings on your clan.  This is especially an auspicious day for propitiating Snake Deities to get relief from Rahu/ ketu doshas in chart.

Astrologically, there is risk of poisonous bites/ allergic reactions during the sub period of Rahu/ ketu in the major periods of malefic planets.  This can be overcome by worship of Snake Deities (there are other ways also to neutralize poisons including worship of Garuda or recital of Neelakanta mantra; but our ancients have given us various paths, and so one may choose whatever appeals to one and whatever is consistent with one's family lineage/ traditions......)
You may consider reciting the following slokha containing the Names of 9 Mahaa Naagas to appease snake deities on this occasion:

"Anantam Vaasukim SEsham Padmanaabham cha kambalam
Shankapaalam Dhritaraashtram Takshakam Kaaliyam tataa
Etaani nava naamaai Naagaanaam cha mahaamanaam
Namasyaam Naagaanaam aayur keertim cha dEhi mE"

(pronunciation guide: capital E as in day; double vowels indicate long sounds).

Blessed be.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dhoorva Ganapathy vratam on July 31, 2014

Dear Members:

Naaga Chaturthi vratam/ Dhoorva Ganapathy vratam is to be observed on July 31, 2014 this year. Worshipping Lord Ganesha with Dhoorva Grass (Arukampul in Tamil) on this day is said to be very propitious. Those who have naaga/ Sarpa dosha in horoscopes and are experiencing obstacles for child-birth or marriage may benefit by offering a garland of dhoorva-grass to Lord Ganesha idols in temples near your house.  If you have Ganesha idols at home to which regular poojas are done, you may offer the garland to those idols; or you may simply invoke Lord Ganesha in a turmeric paste cone and offer dhoorva grass to secure His Grace.

 Those who cannot afford to perform elaborate homams or poojas  can benefit by simple recital of His Names like "Om Kshipra Prasaadanaaya namah" (for speedy Divine Intervention in crisis), "Om Vakrathundaaya namah"(to remove planetary malefic effects caused due to adverse planetary placement in horoscope), "Om Sumukhaaya namah" (to win goodwill of others), "Om Vigna vinaashinE namah" (for removal of obstacles), etc. Faith is the catalyst that transforms the above mantras into miraculous wish-fulfilling trees. So, recite the above mantras as per you capacity with Faith, Devotion, and Absolute Love for the Divine and file your petitions to Him to satisfy your wishes and legitimate needs. Of course, offering prayers without anticipating any result on a holy day like this is a still better thing for a pure devotee who can take both pain and pleasure as "gifts" from Almighty. Those of us who don't have that exalted mindset may still pray for mundane effects as described above.

May our members perform special prayers on this wonderful day and become recipients of Divine Grace.

Blessed be.


Aadi Pooram on July 30, 2014

Dear Members:

The auspicious Aadi Pooram festival falls on July 30, 2014 this year. It marks the appearance of the devotee-par-excellence Aandaal on earth (it was on this day when Shri Vishnu chittar - later hailed as Periyaazhwaar - found Aandal as a child when he was plucking flowers for daily pooja). This is celebrated with gaiety in all Vaishnavite temples. This day is also auspicious for propitiation of Mother Goddess in any of Her Forms. It is customary to offer bangles, turmeric pieces, blouse-bits or other auspicious items to ladies visiting temples and invoke the Blessings of Divine Mother (Shaastras say that when women are venerated, She Herself is Honoured).

Special prayers will be done for the welfare of our members tomorrow.

May Divine Grace be with us all.

Blessed be.

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